Kate Flatt

The Weathermen

Available for touring in 2020


The Weathermen

A playful work for young children and their families, where two witty characters make magic out of dance and weather – from the pitter patter of the lightest rain shower to the awesome howl of a storm, from footsteps in the snow to the joyful celebration of sunshin

Do the Weathermen†control†the weather or does the weather †control† them? Or could it be both? Conjuring up the slapstick humour of Laurel and Hardy, the Weathermen will give you and your family a demonstration of their fantabulous Weather Machine – helping to control the weather.

The Weathermen has been commissioned by Imagine Watford and supported using public funding by Arts Council of England.

The Weathermen

Photo: Jack Thompson

If you are interested in booking the show please email kateflattprojects@gmail.com

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