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Royal Opera House website on the development of Choreography at the Royal Ballet School


Featured Choreographer at One Dance UK


1. On Leonide Massine

Ninette De Valois: Adventurous Traditionalist 

Ed. by Richard Cave and Libby Worth, Dance Books, London, 2012 Contribution in Part 2: Chapter on De Valois’ Invitation to Leonide Massine to teach Dance Composition. Also accompanying DVD Track 5: interview filmed by Levent Kurumlu: Dancing across the Bosphorous  – talking about Massine’s teaching.

About Massine – from www.jonathanburrows.com


Interview of Jonathan on Hymns with Daniela Perazzo Domm (2007) mentions my teaching in relation to Massine’s teaching and work.

2. Dance Theatre work

Undivided Loves 2016 Phoenix Dance Leeds Review in Dancing Times January 2017, by Jonathan Gray.

Undivided Loves Review.

Bodily Imprints 2009: a choreographic response to Sylvia Plath’s ‘poppy poems’ 

Representing Sylvia Plath by Sally Bayley and Tracy Brain, Cambridge University Press 2011.‘Contribution with Sally Bayley writing about the Poppies Solo created for a Symposium on Sylvia Plath and shown at Oxford Playhouse 2009, and at South Bank November 2009.

Soul Play 2010 Reviews and Press 




Songs from a Hotel Bedroom October 2010 at ROH Linbury

A music theatre presentation using songs of Kurt Weill, in new arrangements with singers Frances Ruffelle and Nigel Richards and tango dance with Amir Giles and Tara Pilbrow. Interview with Louise Bennett, Dancing Times, October 2010

Dance, health and wellbeing handbook: Dance and Bereavement Soul Play and Beyond

Pathway to practice for dance leaders working in health and care settings by Miranda Tufnell Published by Foundation for Community Dance 2011​

3. Movement Direction

Dr Faustus at Young Vic 2002Work and approach mentioned in chapter on Poetry and Language – subsection ‘language of movement’ on work with Good and Evil Angels pp 105-106 The Young Vic Book by Ruth Little, Methuen, London 2004

‘Finding – and owning – a Voice: Choreographic Signature and Intellectual Property in Collaborative Theatre Practicesby Kate Flatt and Susan Melrose, Dance Theatre Journal Volume 22 – 2.
Documents aspects of Kate’s movment work on Three Sisters at National Theatre 2003 directed by Katie Mitchell.

Skellig at Young Vic 2003 directed by Trevor Nunn.YV Resource pack on Skellig

Written by Kate Wild. Edited by Sue Emmas  © Young Vic 2003. Skellig was first performed at the Young Vic on 21 November 2003

“ In the story by David Almond, Michael and Mina carry Skellig to the ‘Danger house’. They find him impossibly light to carry. Is it because he has the bones of a bird or some other magic? In reality the actor playing Skellig will be too heavy for Michael and Mina to carry all the way up to the attic so we will get the narrators to help to show the magical forces that seem to be helping the children to carry Skellig to safety. Kate Flatt (movement director) helps us to explore ways to lift and carry Skellig. Kate shows us how Skellig can fall and be caught by the narrators rather than him lying down and then being picked up. She helps the movement to flow and look more magical.” 

“Kate choreographs the arthritis patients to move their zimmer frames in rhythm to circle around Michael and then to waltz with him. This movement helps to make the ‘Bones’ song funny, nostalgic and sad all at the same time.”

4. Rayne Fellowship

Look Before You Leap by Ann Whitley. Re-issue published by OneDance UK Autumn 2012.


Kate Flatt Rayne Fellow: Handing on knowledge gained from experience. Rayne Fellowship and building bridges.

5.  Opera

The right amount of dancing: Talking about Choreography for Opera: Opera-ballets explored by Paul Arrowsmith. Dancing Times, March 2012

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