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Step Ladder and a Goat 2016

Step Ladder and a Goat 2016

A joyful dance theatre event co-commissioned for Imagine Watford, Village Green and Taunton festivals, Step Ladder and a Goat was inspired by the street theatre of travellers, seen in Barcelona in the 1980s.

The company included the brilliant musician and performer Tim van Eyken and his melodeon music, the hand balancing wizardry from performers Nikki Rummer (the masked Goat) supported by JD Broussé, along with Goat’s friends (and nearly defeated) minders Finn Cooke, Amir Giles and Cristian Ponzi.

Workshops for participants and children were led by Lia Prentaki and we were ably supported by Carly Hook and Natasha Harrison to deliver a lot of fun and games along with a moving sense of inclusive engagement.  The performance culminated in the audience drawn into an ancient spiral dance.

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